My Clinita App: the reference point for dermopigmentation professionals

Besides certified training courses, we at Clinita wanted to equip our professionals with an additional tool: the MyClinita App.
The touchstone to streamline and make your job more efficient.

MyClinita App Functions

MyClinita App, downloadable from Ios and Android, is organised as follows:
Projects: here you can view photographs of dermopigmentation work carried out by colleagues and experts or you can upload your photographs to share with other users. Here you can explore new techniques and find useful suggestions.
Pigments: the complete catalogue where you can easily look up any Clinita pigment available. Pigments are classified according to colours and uses. You will find a comprehensive technical sheet for each one.
News: a direct link to the blog and news page of Clinita’s website. Here you will find all the latest updates and insights into the dermopigmentation world.
Courses: an additional tool to remain updated on our course schedule. Here you will find the detailed program of each course, the agenda and scheduled dates.
Stores: a map including all Clinita’s distributors to find the one closest to you.
FAQ: a page where you will find answers to the most frequent questions we receive daily.

Exclusive functions of our Premium version of the App

By subscribing to the MyClinita App, you will have access to truly exclusive functions. For example, you will have access to an electronic ruler enabling you to check easily and conveniently the symmetry of your eyebrow design simply by uploading a photo on your smartphone.
A Live Chat to chat directly with our experts and receive instant support. You will also have access to the Video Tutorial section, where you will find exclusive content prepared by experts so you can learn new techniques and deepen your knowledge.

Thanks to MyClinita App we are always by your side or better just a tap away on your smartphone to support you, clarify any doubts and share new techniques to make your projects successful. MyClinita App is available on App Store and Google Play. Download it now and unlock its potential:

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