Staminal Bio Age

cream hibiscus staminal bio age clinita

Fights the failure of skin tissues

Serum with Hibiscus Abelmoschus seed extract,with a firming and tensor effect on microcirculation.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Nichel tested



Acts in depth on the turgidity and elasticity of the skin, consolidating its structure. Compensates for Calcium and vitamin deficiency, fighting the sagging of skin tissues. Formulated for balance the dryness of mature skin and/or stressed by dermatological and aesthetic treatments, prevents deficiency and premature aging reducing the harmful action of free radicals.
The easy-to-use hi-tech liquid crystal formulation absorption combines innovative active ingredients and natural extracts in optimal doses: stem cells of walnut, biomimetic peptides, hyaluronic acid, acid lipoic and extremely eudermic vegetable oils for counteract oxidative stress, degradation of the collagen fibers and the loss of water at the level skin, primary cause of dehydration.

Ways of use

Apply morning and evening with a light massage on the perfectly cleansed face and neck. Can be combined with other Clinita Care products for a complete treatment.

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