Sublime Total Body

antioxidant cream sublime total body

Renews the epidermis and gives brightness and compactness

Cream with repairing effect, with antioedema and decongestant action. It has a firming, draining, antioxidant, toning, and effect.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Nichel tested



Helps to maintain the right level of skin elasticity while fighting skin relaxation and promoting cell regeneration. Thanks to its highly lipophilic content, Sublime Total Body Cream exercises a radical scavenger effect that lasts over time.
The high concentration of functional ingredients helps restore skin altered by infiltration, oedemas or insulin injections – also suitable in the case of lipodystrophy. The high concentration of Escin, Fucus and Caffeine has a draining and stimulating effect on microcirculation.
Ideal for treating healthy skin. Renews skin, giving it radiance and compactness.
A highly restructuring, toning, moisturising and soothing body treatment for skin with imperfections and telangiectasias.
The presence of nerve molecules stimulates the skin’s nerve endings, encourages the release of neurotransmitters and hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which enhance the skin’s luminosity, freshness, and turgidity.

Ways of use

Apply once or twice a day, lightly massaging into altered areas of skin until completely absorbed.

sublime total body clinita cream repairing antioxidant clinita

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