Clinita Care, the best for your skin

While developing Clinita’s dermaneedling protocol, we conceived a full line of products for the wellbeing of the skin.

Together with the essentials for the needling treatment, you will find a whole range of products for the daily wellbeing of your skin, in addition to Ozon E, specific for post-tattoo treatment. Ozon E is also available in convenient 5 ml sachets to give to your customers after their permanent makeup session.

The airless packaging ensures perfect product conservation from the very first use, reducing contamination and the need for preservatives.
All the products of the Clinita Care line are smooth with a fast-absorbing, ultra-rich texture. This, combined with the lack of fragrance, make them also suitable for men.

All Clinita Care products are dermatologically tested, non comedogenic, paraben-free, petrolatum-free and nickel-free.

The most demanding professionals can make the most of these safe and tested formulations, enhancing their professionalism, and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of the person they have treated.

A brand-new product completes the range: Extreme Mask is made with ingredients with elevated nutritional properties which are locally sourced in Sicily.

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