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The Clinita Care cosmeceutical products family continues to expand to better cater for your skin’s needs. This summer the Clinita Cosmeceutics sees 5 new additions: the Pure Serum, the eye contour E.Y.E.S., the foot cream Velvet Step and the face creams E-Booster and Lenis Care. Each of these new products stems from thorough research conducted by our experts keeping the health of your skin and the environment in mind. For this reason, our products are rich in active principles, effective and safe.
Let’ s take a closer look at Clinita Care.

Pure: the fluid for skins with impurities

Just four drops of the new Pure fluid will suffice to inhibit sebaceous gland activities, thus reducing their sebum secretions. This emulsion contains highazeloglycine and thiolsine content, which makes it the perfect choice for skin with imperfections. The hyaluronic acid in three different molecular weights ensures correct hydration and makes skin glow. With its matt finish, e Pure is also perfect as a make-up primer.
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E.Y.E.S.: 3 our Eye Contour Triple Action

The E.Y.E.S. eye contour is triple action: applied in the morning and evening around the eyes after the cream or serum that you normally use in your beauty routine, it fights signs of aging and dark circles and reduces eye bags. E.Y.E.S. contains hyaluronic acid to reduce microwrinkles and give you luminous skin, a baobab oil complex with an antioxidant action, Helichrysum extract and vitamin K-rich broccoli extract.
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E-Booster: an anti-ageing concentrate

The new Clinita Care E-booster is an active vitamin E concentrate that contributes to improve skin elasticity thus fighting signs of ageing. The three different weights of hyaluronic acid reduce expression microwrinkles and soft focus matting microparticle lends skin a velvety effect. Apply it with a little massage to your neck and décolleté on clean skin: E-Boost is particularly indicated as a primer for mature skins.
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Lenis Care: the face cosmeceutical cream for sensitive skins

A face cream conceived for skins prone to redness when exposed to environmental stress or erythrophobia. Lenis Care contains emollient butters and waxes to protect skin from microtrauma from the external environment, while gamma oryzanol reduces redness and vasodilation through antioxidant action. Applied morning and evening, it has an immediate soothing effect, thanks to allantoin, chamomile hydrolate and rice starch, which also gives the formulation a velvety, light finish.
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Velvet Step: the new foot cosmeceutical cream by Clinita Care

Last but not least, perfect product for summer days: the new nourishing Velvet Step foot cream with fast absorption. Rich in sweet almond oil and Karitè butter, it nourishes and hydrates even the most cracked skin, making your feet velvety again. Its high aloe vera and allantoin content also has a soothing action against skin redness.
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Contact your local distributor to find out how to offer Clinita Care products to your clients. If you are not a professional but want to buy a product for yourself, visit our online shop or find a reseller close to you with our Store Locator.

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