Clinita PRO: the new line of Reach Compliant Pigments

After a long research period, we are proud to introduce Clinita PRO: an innovative line of highly pure and Reach-compliant pigments. The quality of raw materials and safety of production process have always been our priority. Thanks to our intensive research, we have now succeeded in delivering stable and reach compliant pigments to dermopigmentation professionals.

The Reach-Compliant Clinita PRO Pigments

Why are Clinita PRO pigments unique? First, the formulation: they are medical grade pigments, which means they are the purest ever used for PMU. We are the first to offer the only white medical grade pigment on the market, thus delivering an extraordinary range of rosy shades for lips and nipples.
Clinita PRO pigments are free from binding agents of animal origin and unsafe stabilizers. The lower use of excipients means less risks of allergic reactions and sensitisations. As always, we have carefully tested each new colour to ensure stability in light and that they do not alter when they come in contact with skin, exudate and blood traces.

The innovative formulation of Clinita PRO pigments

Cutting-edge technologies and advanced studies made it possible to design Clinita Pro Pigments: a perfect balance of components and raw materials to deliver the best brightness, coverage and light refraction. In addition, the very high pigment concentration delivers unprecedented writing capacity and saturation. This is not all: the innovative “dispersed” formula ensures that each micron of colour contains the same pigment concentration, thus delivering exactly the same tone.

Clinita PRO pigments have been created to be used in all PMU techniques, both manual and using the electronic handpiece, and can be mixed to create endless colour combinations. All colours have been pre-neutralized at the formulation stage, so as to avoid alterations during use.

For further information, please visit the Pigments page on our website and download the colour guide created in cooperation with the International Clinita Colour Masters: a basic tool to choose the most suitable colour in the most effective and safest way.

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