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pulse console clinita dermopigmentation

Pulse is the console designed for the most demanding permanent makeup, paramedical dermopigmentation, tricological micropigmentation, derma needling and artistic tattoo professionals.

The most distinguished experts in the industry have tested and contributed to the development of Pulse, a system designed to ensure full control and absolute performances of the dermopigmentation process and the utmost safety for both the client and professional.


clinita pulse dermopigmentation professional
Digital speed pulse

Pulse improves the work experience thanks to its simplicity of use and setting. The console has a luminous screen and touch-screen practical and intuitive. A technologically advanced software with 5 proposed treatment programs, within which it is possible to infinitely adjust the power and speed of the beat for each application of dermopigmentation.

Double control pulse

Clinita Pulse is equipped with two power ports for configuring two completely independent handpieces, considerably reducing setting-up time during treatment and enabling a combination of techniques. A single device for a wide range of applications: from the most delicate permanent makeup, to the most complex artistic tattoo or reconstructive medical treatment.

Power and performance

Pulse’s revolutionary technology eliminates the problem of electrical impedance associated with traditional devices. Experience a new sensation of power and maximum control, for works which are almost painless, minimal skin lesions and maximum pigment deposit after only one session.

Perfect materials

Digital glass touch-screen display mounted on a single unit made of aeronautical aluminium alloy, which is satin polished, lightweight, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Reliability and guarantee

Warranty extension programs up to 3 years.

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