Dermograph I-Run

dermografo i-run clinita

I-Run is the brand new Clinita handpiece designed to revolutionize definitely the working method.

Even more defined hair, shades and wow effect pixels, infinite power even at the lowest speeds, work already clear in the first pass with less stress for the skin and a total color retention.
I-Run is the ideal tool for permanent makeup, microneedling and trichological micropigmentation, thanks to the wide range of Glove needles (17 sizes).
Equipped with a special membrane at the transmission shaft entrance that completely isolates the pen from any possible contamination that may come from the needle or cartridge.

dermografo i-run clinita
Light and powerful

The best compromise between power and comfort, weighing less than 45g is perfect for long sessions. The Maxon DCX12 engine, designed exclusively for Clinita and the PMU, makes I-run the most powerful Pmu handpiece on the market.


3.0mm cam excursion, ideal for perfect hairs and shades. A single handpiece for medical tattoo and corrections, on the most difficult skins too. It also supports a full range of microneedling needles.


Components made of precious metals, high efficiency of the electrical parts, allow I-Run matchless performance even at very low speeds, reducing injuries and inflammation to the skin, allowing greater release and color retention.

Total insulation

The special membrane at the entrance of the transmission shaft totally isolates the dermograph from any possible contamination coming from the needle or cartridge.

aghi dermografo i-run Clinita

Glove needles

Sterile disposable surgical steel needles that increase accuracy, safety and control. They are CE certified and labeled according to the regulations governing tattoo needles. For I-Run and Pod dermographs.


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