Dermograph I-One

i-on dermografo tricopigmentazione clinita pulse

Pen dermographer for PMU, tricological dermopigmentation and microneedling, working with cartridge needle systems.

Powerful heart.
5W power Maxon micro-motor, no vibrations and low noise.
The smallest and lightest handpiece ever.

clinita i-one dermografo dermopigmentazione pmu

Dermographer equipped with a special membrane on the transmission shaft which completely insulates the pen and prevents contamination with the needle or cartridge.


Revolutionary 3mm cam excursion: powerful and precise strokes, less skin damage, exceptional color retention.


Special mechanism for infinitesimal needle output settings. Quick hooking system for Clinita needle cartridges.


The software that manages the device provides a special setting to perform microneedling with absolute precision and effectiveness of the result. For this handpiece there are three specific needles for microneedling, including one with "nano" technology.


The handle is comfortable, ergonomic, and designed for the ideal grip, but thick enough to avoid work-related diseases. The perfect balance prevents hand fatigue even after multiple hours of work.

aghi high performance dermografo clinita

Needles High Performance

Sterile disposable cartridge needles designed with a patented water-tight sealed closure which prevents any possible crosscontamination of the handpiece.


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