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Top Tip per la detersione dermopigmentazione Clinita

Top Tip

Top tip for cleansing during and after the dermopigmentation procedure to gently cleanse, soothe and promote the healing process.

disposable sterile caps clinita

Disposable sterile 8 mm ink-caps

Disposable sterile 8 mm ink-caps; individually wrapped in a medical skin pack with individual production batch printing and expiration date.

disposable sterile ink ring clinita

Disposable sterile ink-rings

Disposable sterile ink-rings; individually wrapped in a medical skin pack with individual production batch printing and expiration date.

precision razor clinita

Precision razor

Precision Razor for pre-treatment hair removal

precision glasses dermopigmentation microblading clinita

Precision glasses

Precision glasses with 5-lens and LED

marker preparatory drawing tattoos

Marker for preparatory drawing

Disposable project marker with two tips of different thicknesses, available in red and black, non-toxic and removable with isopropyl alcohol.

sterile marker ruler clinita

Disposable sterilized marker and ruler

Measurement and verification marker plus ruler. Sterile packed with indication of traceability. The marker is filled with non-irritating ink (medical grade). 15 cm ruler.

disposable adhesive ruler clinita

Disposable adhesive ruler for eyebrow design

Visagism skills are fundamental to carrying out the right design of the work to be done. This practical tool, adhesive and single-use, will allow the design in a more precise, faster and safer way. In pre-cut roll of 50 rulers.

no-cut pencil clinita

No-Cut pencil

Soft impermeable pencil, provided with “peeloff” wire to avoid the use of the sharpener. Available in the following colours: Black, Light Coffee, Brown Coffee. Essential tool for designing.

pmu pen clinita

PMU project pen

Disposable nibs for make-up and the PMU designing.

plastic calliper clinita


Plastic calliper for the design phase.

flat silicon skin clinita

Flat silicon skin

Flat silicon skin for training.

curved scissors eyebrows clinita


Curved scissors for eyebrows.

colour wheel Clinita

Colour Wheel

Colour wheel, 32 cm diameter. Fundamental tool for the mixture of colours and their characteristics knowledge.

goniometer clinita


Millimetre graded goniometer for a perfect design.

colour holder pigments clinita

Colours holder

White plexiglass exhibitor for 23 colours. Washable in dishwasher.

veasil vitamin e clinita


Thin foils of vitamin E. Pack of 8 sterile foils. Emollient and moisturizing action with soothing effect on itching. Leaves the skin soft and smooth. Veasil is recommended to prevent pertrophic and keloid scars of any origin (surgical, trauma, burns, acne and stretch marks). It is ideal as after-treatment for reconstructive dermopigmentation, or tattoos, it protects the treated area and assists the healing process, avoiding rubbing with clothing and keep the treated area hygienically safe.

emollient cleansing wipes clinita

Vea Cleni

Emollient cleansing wipes rich in vitamin E. Innovative wipes that use the emollient and cleansing action of the dry oil Vea spray and pure vitamin E, which are similar to cutaneous lipids in which the wipes are soaked. Cleansing of the eyelids and eyelashes, during the dermopigmentation treatment, cleanses and soothes gently, with the safety of a sterile and single-dose pack. 20 wipes box.

bleavis cleansing eyelids clinita


Blefavis® Salviette is a formulation in wipes specially designed for cleansing eyelids and eyelashes during treatment. The product, based on natural principles, acts in a cleansing, refreshing and emollient way thanks to the Glycolic Extracts of Aloe and Malva, in addition to a the normalizing action of the bacterial element due to the presence of the hydrolysis extract of Citrus Grandis Seed (GSE). 30-wipe pack.

refral ophthalmic solution


Sterile ophthalmic solution - Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid 0,3%. Pack of 20 single dose pipettes of 0.33 ml.

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