Clinita needles

aghi dermografo dermopigmentazione clinita

Why choose the best

We use Microtecnology at Clinita to design and produce our needles. Extremely thin needles, the widest combinations of tapering and assembly to answer the highest needs of treatment effects, respecting skin differences and skills of the operator. Needles designed to reduce pain, extremely stable and precise, certified by high quality standards.
Less passes, less skin inflammation, more accuracy in depositing the pigment under the skin: these are the results in the use of Clinita needles.

aghi dermografo clinita
Surgical grade stainless steel

Made from an exclusive surgical grade stainless steel alloy for the lowest certified nickel release

Glove system

The brand-new HP needles are equipped with a double silicone chamber that hermetically isolates the device from the reflux of fluids, reducing vibrations, increasing precision

Value your style!

Dozens of diameters and tapers available, infinite combinations, over 30 needle configurations to develop and consolidate your unique style of work

PURE line

The needle slides inside a very thin stainless-steel guide to create the most perfect lines and hairs


The ABSOLUTE line of needles has a more compressed spring inside; this element allows an even drier and more precise stroke with less skin damage and greater color retention

Total quality control

Checked one by one under the microscope, sterilized in Italy

aghi absolute i profi clinita pulse

Needles Absolute

The finest tips, infinite combinations of taper and assembly to meet the multiple needs of effects, respecting the diversity of skin and the manual skills of the professional. Compatible with I-SAFE and I-RUN handpieces

aghi high performance dermografo clinita

Needles High Performance

Fewer passages, less skin inflammation, precision in the pigment deposit under the skin, these are the results in the use of Clinita needles. Compatible with POD handpiece

aghi dermografo i-run Clinita

Needled Glove

Sterile disposable surgical steel needles that increase accuracy, safety and control. They are CE certified and labeled according to the regulations governing tattoo needles. Compatible with I-RUN and POD handpieces

aghi dermografo per tatuaggi trucco permanente fly clinita

Fly needled

Elastic needles with tailored tips for clear view, controlled release of the colour and perfect stability. Finger grip for comfortable handle.


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