Disposable and
sterile protection

clinita sterile pmu equipment

Discover the line of sterile products and devices

With Clinita sterile pmu needle and devices, you work in total safety and protection. All instruments are carefully sterilized and certified according to current European standards. Choose now the best sterile pmu equipment!

protector cable dermograph pigmentation tattoos

Disposable polyethylene cable/clip-cord/handpiece sheath protector

The hygienic protocol foresees the coverage of the dermographer and of the cable to avoid any type of contamination and to guarantee the maximum safety both for the operator and for the client. The transparent sheath is supplied in a pre-cut roll in convenient single segments for quick coverage and removal, size L5 cm x 125 cm, open at the ends, 125 sheaths.

protective film consolle clinita

Device protective film

Effective for proper protection. It covers the entire device and at the same time allows you to access the console settings with extreme precision. Pre-cut protective film for device, size 15x10 cm. Pack of 1200 films.

sterile protection microblading handpiece

Sterile protection for microblading handpiece

Latex probe cover, individually wrapped, sterile. Effective for correct protection of the microblading handpiece. It covers the handpiece and favors its grip.

sterile tubular protection handpiece tattoos

Sterile tubular protection

Single packed sterile cover with spring, for handpiece, power cable and clipcord.

base pack microblading pmu

Base Pack - Sterile Packaging

Sterile packaging dedicated to microblading and PMU retouching.
• 2 vinyl gloves
• 1 sheet 50x60cm
• 1 sheet 50x60 with an opening of 6cm
• 10 gauzes 5x5cm - 8 layers
• 1 fi ne tip forceps
• 2 gauze pads 30mm

sterile pack makeup medical treatments scars

Premium Pack - Sterile Packaging

Sterile Pack ideal for the first treatment of cosmetic permanent makeup.
• Sponge forceps
• 1 sheet 50x60 with an opening of 6cm
• 1 sheet 50x60cm
• 4 vinyl gloves
• 5 gauze pads 30mm
• 2 gauze tablets 10x10cm 8 layers
• 1 syringe 10ml
• 2 sachets lubricating gel
• 1 waste bag

pacchi sterili trucco trattamenti ricostruttivi medicali cicatrici

Medical Pack - Sterile Packaging

Sterile pack dedicated to reconstructive medical treatments, such as mammary areola, scars, camouflage.
• 1 wrapping sheet 100X150cm
• 1 size L gown with towel
• 2 disinfectant soaked wipes
• 1 patient cover sheet 150x100cm with holes
• 1 camera cover 14x250
• 1 transparent sheet 50x60 with adhesive layer
• 1 strip of double paper double-sided adhesive tape 5x10cm
• 1 cotton yarn 70 cm
• 10 gauzes 10x10 in cotton
• 2 needles 21Gx10
• 1 60ml bowl
• 1 tray base pack

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