• Basic

Basic course of permanent makeup

The essentials - Brows with electric device

corso base trucco permanente labbra


Everything, and we mean everything, that obligatorily needs to be known in this profession, to acquire notions of undoubted importance, everything enabling you to build the Foundation of your professionalism without limits. The surer your basics, the higher you can aim for to create and accomplish limitless results.

Your hand will be guided by teachers who are technically trained but above all prepared to train; adult learning needs wise methodologies to assimilate and enable you to work at once. We will guide your hand step-by-step and we will aid you in the future as well through the Clinita On-Air online support.

  • Basic
corso base trucco permanente labbra


  • Building a solid technical-methodical basis on protocols to operate safely
  • Develop the ability to analyse a face and the consequent design of a dermopigmentation
  • Set-up of sterile work field and disposal of contaminated material
  • Know and know how to apply techniques and “maneuvers” for the different desired results
  • Recognize needles, devices and their application
  • Evaluate pigments, undertones, color types
  • References to drug skin toxicity and interaction with Dermopigmentation
  • Expressiveness, Shape and Structure of the Eyebrows
  • Eyebrows: three-dimensionality, hyperrealism
  • Nuances, values: when, what and how to apply the different techniques
  • Realistic brows, powder brows, combi brows
  • Technical measures and practical tests for the perfect project
  • Eyebrow analysis: flows, directions, modulated line and applications to dermopigmentation
  • The perfect hair: manoeuvres, pressures, speed, inclinations, direction, type of bar
  • Practical evidence on all topics covered

5 days in 2 sessions:
3 days of theory, exercises on synthetic material and teacher’s live demonstration
2 days with exercises on models by the students

Final Exam
Practice test

European Diploma

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