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Corrections and Camouflage

course corrections camouflage clinita


Very often, unfortunately, we are bound to face upshots of works performed by inadequatelytrained operators. Assuming these do not cause complications or necessitate laser removals, they can be rectified through dermopigmentation. This practice, however, requires a masterful command of know-how, failing which it is unthinkable for you to obtain a satisfactory outcome in customers whose trust in our category has already been undermined.

The importance of a correct morphological and design analysis, the analysis of colour and its correction, the assessment of the skin tissue on which we are called upon to intervene, the large question mark about the quality of the colour that had been used before, are all elements that render this course extremely complex and recommended to professionals already well entrenched in the practice of dermopigmentation.

Reserved for those who have already attended the Clinita colour course, essential for corrections and camouflage given the technical notions gained.

Sometimes, though wielding a magic wand, our professionalism enjoins us first and foremost to be ethical and assess our real possibilities of ensuring an excellent and gratifying result.

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course corrections camouflage clinita


  • Analysis of Morphology of the face and of the expression and ageing lines.
  • Assessing the expectations and possibilities of intervention, understanding the state of the skin and the type of problem to confront.
  • First decisive step: when to say yes and when to say no.
  • How to approach the customer and assess with him/her the real possibilities.
  • When it is necessary to recommend use of the laser.
  • The collaboration between doctor and dermopigmentator.
  • The importance of photography and the correction steps.
  • Assessment of correction systems and intervention techniques.
  • Creating colour textures and vibrations, “moving” the colour by enhancing or neutralising it.
  • Needles: which ones to choose and use, when and how.
  • Application of the treatment: how, according to which criteria, timeframes and sessions.

1 day

Finl Exam
Practice test

European diploma

Course calendar

Corrections and Camouflage Montelupone (MC) c/o Silvia Tranà Academy Clinita Silvia Tranà, Rita Molinaro

Theory and practice

Corrections and Camouflage Torino C/O Idea Formazione Esther Sasso, Rita Molinaro

First day - Theory

Second day - Practice and live demo

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