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drugs pathologies medicine


The dermopigmentation performed on intact skin can gift a new image; the healing process has a precise evolution. What happens, however, if a drug taken by the customer can interfere with or render the treatment inadvisable? How can we understand when the doctor’s authorisation is indispensable? How can we protect the customer and our professionalism without undergoing any risk?

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drugs pathologies medicine


  • Skin anatomy and physiology.
  • Healing processes.
  • Main groups of commonly and uncommonly used drugs, which interaction takes place between the permanent makeup treatment and the intake of drugs.
  • Aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for topical and skin use.
  • Laser for the removal: recommendations and side effects, how and when to intervene with dermopigmentation after a removal.
  • How to tackle skin and oncological diseases in relation to permanent make-up treatments;>How to request from the doctor any prophylaxis or authorisation.
  • Allergy risks.
  • Pigments: how they are made and how they interact.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Skin toxicology of drugs, including commonly used ones, and of some supplements that could interfere with your work.
  • Self-healing protocol, pre- and post-treatment suggestions.
  • Knowing the skin diseases that prevent permanent make-up.
  • The importance of informed consent as protection of one’s work.

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Drugs, pathologies, aesthetic medicine and dermopigmentation Clinita - Treviso Italy Nicola Battistella


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