• Advanced

Totally real: the hyper realistic eyebrows

All about the eyebrow training

totally real realist eyebrow


The first day of theory, exercises on synthetic material and teacher’s live demonstration.
The second day with exercises on models by the students.

  • Advanced
totally real realist eyebrow


  • Analysis and design
  • The modulated line
  • Planning and design
  • Types of skin
  • The existing structure
  • The perfect hair
  • Tools, dermographs, but especially the types of needles and their choice based on the result to be accomplished
  • Dermograph: speed, inclinations and movement
  • Create the perfect colour: colourimetry applied to the eyebrows
  • Multi-colour eyebrows
  • The perfect hold of the line, clear-cut over time
  • The manoeuvres for a work defined already at the first session
  • Creating volumes and structures
  • Knowing and mastering the various techniques, being able to choose the most suitable one
  • The most famous techniques at present

1 + 1 days

European diploma

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