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All about man

All about man

all about man


The male world is a universe to discover; the attention to male beauty and care is deemed the fastest growing market in the cosmetic world for the forthcoming years. What is needed is a profoundly different approach in terms of both morphological and
design skills.

  • Advanced
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all about man


  • Harmony of the male face and the different individualities
  • Design of the perception lines
  • Such as the colours for the skin and the male mucosa

The techniques:

  • Male eyebrow
  • Skim-Skin
  • Hyper-realistic
  • Microblading and Fushion (Hybrid)
  • Man Eyes Lips
  • Shading techniques
  • Collagen Bioinduction as preparatory technique for dermopigmentation
  • Introduction to Trichological Dermopigmentation

3 days

Final exam
Practical test

European diploma

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