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Collagen bioinduction course

dermaneedling course


Our skin is a wonderful organ; let us help its natural self-regeneration by stimulating the collagen and elastin production process through the Microneedling practice and the Clinita Care protocol.
It revives atonic and dull skins, eradicates such blemishes as skin patches, post-acne scars and stretch marks. Young velvety skin, farewell to small wrinkles, enlarged pores and small and unsightly patches. Illuminate the skin by exploiting its regenerating biological power.
Provide certain and concrete answers to your customers’ need to feel young and pretty; do so especially through concrete and safe protocols for the protection of such an important organ as our skin. Learn safe and non-invasive sequences and manual skills; avoid bleeding and traumatic treatments that might produce opposite effects with unsightly scar tissues and skin tightening.
Give certain beauty via a treatment that fosters customer loyalty and gratification.
Through a correct biological stimulation, thanks to the scientific research that characterises Clinita, you can perform splendid treatments in complete safety.

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dermaneedling course


– Analysis of the skin and identification of blemishes to pinpoint the specific treatment protocol
– Application techniques
– Knowledge of tools, materials and treatment
– Regulatory references and guidelines
– Live-Demo on model by the Teacher
– Clinita Care, the line of products for microneedling and self-healing treatment

1 day

European diploma

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