• Advanced

Shadowing and fusion brow

Velvety and soft eyebrows with the nuanced technique

course dermopigmentation eyebrow


Mastery of the “SkimSkin” technique becomes an essential tool in many applications besides the enhancement of the natural eyebrow: it combines with and enhances microblading, creates volumes in the hyper-realistic eyebrow, and proves essential in camouflage techniques and in corrections.

  • Advanced
course dermopigmentation eyebrow


  • Face analysis and study of the design
  • The drawing
  • Types of skin
  • Colourimetric values and nuances
  • The “pulverization” of colour
  • Creating the perfect colour
  • Multi-colour shading
  • SkimSkin
  • “Yes Color-No Pain”, the painless dermopigmentation technique without the need to apply anaesthetics
  • The manual school that allows colour to hold firm over time
  • Interacting with a previous work
  • A job defined already through the first session
  • Speed, inclinations and movements

1 day

European diploma

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