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Swish Brow

The magic of the slope needle.

swish brow permanete makeup eyebrow


The most admired technique at the last eyebrow festival in Rotterdam.
This style was invented by Silvia Traná and Rita Molinaro to create vibrant and elegant eyebrows. The needle enables to draw soft hairs from the very beginning. This, combined with colours, gives a rustling "swish" effect: the eyebrows seem to come to life like leaves caressed by the spring wind.
This technique will surely make happy both the client and the operator, especially because it enables to achieve long lasting results.
Wonder arises when you go beyond technique.

  • Advanced
swish brow permanete makeup eyebrow


  • The slope needle and its applications
  • The colour and its ideal definition for this technique
  • Perfect design, a lot of practice on synthetic canvas and demonstrations
  • Silvia Tranà will work live on a model.

The first day of theory, exercises on synthetic material and teacher’s live demonstration.
The second day with exercises on models by the students.

1 + 1 days

Final exam
Practice test

European diploma

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