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Master in Trichological dermopigmentation

trichological dermopigmentation


The Master created by the experiences of the great masters in synergy with the scientific studies of doctors and trichologists.
A fast-developing sector, this specific application of dermopigmentation requires specific techniques and in-depth knowledge of any diseases associated with beauty problems that might sometimes produce significant psychological discomfort.
The operator must be technically flawless, master the essential manoeuvres and be able to collaborate with a trichologist to safely apply the treatment, and recognise the main and obvious pathologies to understand the specialist’s outcome and medical history.
The scientific trichological notions essential to the successful execution of the treatment in an exemplary manner, the naturalness bestowed by precise techniques tested by the best expert professionials acknowledged as such at worldwide and scientific level.
Performing a tricopigmentation treatment by assessing the areas to work on, tackling the different skin requirements and structures through the different responses.

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trichological dermopigmentation


Introduction to trichological micropigmentation:

  • Difference between micropigmentation and tattooing.
  • Function and fields of application.
  • Evolution and expansion.
  • Empathic communication and psychological management of the customer.
  • Collaboration and synergy with doctor, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon.
  • Differences between use of permanent pigment and bio-reabsorbable pigment.

Scalp and critical issues:

  • Scalp structure.
  • Various types of baldness, Norwood and Ludwig scales.
  • Topical and systemic solutions.
  • Self-transplant (FUT, FUE, BHT, P.R.P HT).


  • The dermograph/trichodermograph.
  • Needles.
  • Manoeuvres.
  • Pigments.
  • Treatment of scars.

Management of customer and professionalism:

  • Design and preparation for treatment.
  • Maintenance and costs.
  • Being a Micropigmentation professional.
  • Marketing Strategies.
  • Post-course assistance.

Practical test:

  • Exercise on synthetic material.
  • Exercise on model.

3 days

Final exam
Practice test

European diploma

Course calendar

Master in Trichological dermopigmentation Treviso Emiliano Rossi

16/17/18 novembre 2020
16/11/2020 09:00

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