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Haute Couture

The semi-permanent makeup individual course tailored to you.

individual program dermopigmentation


How many times you asked yourself: why does your hair not remain tidy?
Why does the colour on the lips not stay intense? Why does the eyeliner not stay deep and saturated or you are unable to tone down the eye definition? Why does your permanent makeup not hold firm as you would like?
Is the way you keep the dermograph tilted right? Do you always know, based on the techniques selected, the excursion of the needle and the perfect movement come out? Or the right speed of the dermograph depending on the technique you want to employ?Are you doing something incorrectly that might hinder the final outcome of your execution?
In the planning, in the hygienic set-up of the field of work? Perhaps you are an expert professional who has been working for years and you need confirmations or to learn new secrets and innovative manoeuvres to be on top with your professionalism.
Did you undergo a training that left you with doubts or you simply want confirmations as your experiences have yet to render you confident and satisfied?

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individual program dermopigmentation


The program is yours according to your needs.

1 day

European diploma

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