Can you correct or remove poorly performed semi-permanent makeup?

In the world of dermopigmentation there are some operators who, unfortunately, are not adequately trained as well as incompetent “professionals”. They carry out their work carelessly thereby causing substantial harm to their patients. More and more often, therefore, we find ourselves wondering: can you correct poorly performed semi-permanent makeup? 

How to correct dermopigmentation treatment

Dermopigmentation treatment is also called semi-permanent makeup, since nowadays special pigments are used which are reabsorbed over a certain period of time. Depending on the type of skin and other variables this period can be up to 12 or 18 months, so if the work has been poorly performed, the problem (of having an inadequate shape or colour) remains for a year or more. In addition, it is also possible that the treatment dates back to previous years, in which non-resorbable tattoo colours were used that often change colour over time with undesirable effects.

What do you do in these cases? First of all, an experienced operator will have to assess whether and how to intervene, possibly in synergy with other professionals and with trained doctors.

After this first evaluation, two types of intervention are usually chosen:

  • When the colour has changed over time and has created ugly halos, which can go from blue to bright red, you operate with a technique called camouflage which consists in superimposing pigments of a suitable colour to neutralize the toning.
  • If, however, there is a problem of shape, the corrective work can be more complex. When actual removal of pigments is required, medical laser intervention is necessary, alternatively it is possible to lighten some colours by making them lighter or more transparent.

It is worth pointing out that, even if both types of intervention are effective, correction should not be regarded as a simple and immediate solution. Indeed, they are procedures that take different amounts of time to achieve the optimal result, in addition to an economic investment that can be high. The best option is always to consult from the start a trained professional, who is able to perform good semi-permanent makeup without the need for corrections.

The Clinita course in correction and camouflage

For the professional who wants to train in this field, Clinita offers a course entirely dedicated to correction and camouflage. This course teaches you evaluate how to conduct the preliminary analysis, how to choose the system of correction that is most appropriate to the customer and how to take action: a full pathway designed to help the person to take pleasure in looking in the mirror once more, with dermopigmentation treatment that best suits their face.

You can discover the full program and future dates at this link:
Correction and camouflage course

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