Eyebrows permanent make up: each to his own!

If eyes are the mirror of the soul, for sure the face expressivity depends, on the contrary, from the eyebrows that give to facial expressions identity, character and beauty.

The Eyebrows lived, over time, different fashion trends all oriented to increase their incisiveness and expression strength.

From the most angular and precise look to the bushy style of last years, the eyebrows always represented a way to enhance the gaze beauty.

Women, at the beginning of Twentieth Century, loved to be in order taking care of the eyebrows, epilating them, where possible, to create a soft line. They also used to apply castor-oil to make them shiny.

With Cinema arrival, in the 30thies, the eyebrows became thin pointy lines to be enhanced with kohl, mainly for the show business necessity and for the women’s intent to impersonate Divas.

In the 40thies, Cinema’s Divas started to draw thicker eyebrows, maintaining the arch stroke and intentionally extended at its end to make tender the glaze.

The queen of eyebrows, between 50thies and 60thies, was Audrey Hepburn, thick and gull-wing trend, but not easy to be accompanied to all face types.

While in the 80thies, the eyebrows became bushy and savage, in the 90thies the minimal look won, with neat and extra-thin eyebrows.

In 2000, creativity stands out: the return of the 80thies for models and celebrities, a neat and minimal style for the every-day women.

In all this, one main thing remains fundamental, the permanent make up techniques, that are needed to draw the eyebrows with dermograph and microblading, must be modelled  into the face shape and expressions, each client is unique.

There is no fashion trend to follow, or a trend which is better than the other, everything needs to start from the detailed study of the oval, the all together harmony, the eyes and the expression of the Client.

It is necessary, therefore, to disconnect from trends and must-have styles and decide what can be most likely and expressive on each face, underlining its uniqueness.

Yes to the facial study when we talk about Eyebrows permanent make up.

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