Dermograph Pod

i-on dermografo tricopigmentazione clinita pulse

Pen dermographer for PMU, tricological dermopigmentation and microneedling, working with cartridge needle systems.

Maxon 5W micro engine. No vibration, lowest noise level. The smallest and lightest hand piece. Equipped with a special membrane at the opening of the transmission shaft, it completely isolates the pen from any possible contamination from the needle or cartridge. For this Dermograph there are three specific needles for Microneedling, including one with nanotechnology. Fast “plug-in” system for HP needles.

dermografo pmu

Special mechanism for high-precision needle output settings. Quick “plug-in” system for Clinita needle cartridges.


Pod is a dermograph equipped with a special membrane on the transmission shaft which completely insulates the pen and prevents contamination with the needle or cartridge.


The machine software has special calibration settings enabling MICRO NEEDLING execution with the utmost precision and highest performance. This Dermograph requires two needles specifically conceived for micro needling, one with “nano” technology.

Trichological Micropigmentation

Specific program developed for Trichological Pigmentation.


The handle is comfortable, ergonomic and designed for the ideal grip, but thick enough to avoid occupational diseases. The perfect balance prevents hand fatigue even after multiple hours of work.

aghi high performance dermografo clinita

Needles High Performance

Sterile disposable cartridge needles designed with a patented water-tight sealed closure which prevents any possible crosscontamination of the handpiece.


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