Swish brow: vibrant eyebrows

Swish Brow is an original technique born out of a brilliant idea from Rita Molinaro and perfected by Silvia Tranà, a permanent makeup specialist with over 15 years’ experience.

Like the rustling of leaves in a soft spring breeze, the Swish technique evokes nuanced colour and a vivid, dynamic effect.

The technique’s main tool is a needle which is rarely used in the sector, but that offers optimum results when used correctly. The Slope needle, with 3 or 5 tips positioned in a parallel row, enables the drawing of very soft hairs.

Combined with the right colours, this “magic” needle enables realistic results to be achieved quickly and easily. From the very beginning, the hair looks perfect. Thanks to the shading effect, the final result delivers a “vibrant” look.

Defined hair and the perfect shading are what make Swish Brow a technique that caters to the needs of both the customer and the permanent makeup professional. It is useful for covering up old tattoos and can be used on all skin types for long-lasting results.

Swish Brow was officially launched in May 2019 in Rotterdam on the occasion of the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival, a unique and prestigious event bringing together the best PMU experts and professionals from all over the world, to share the latest developments in the industry.

The technique immediately had a huge international resonance and in October 2019 received an award at the European Beauty Festival, in Munich.
Silvia Tranà was the only Italian PMU artist to step up onto the podium with her third place at the Idol European Championship. She outperformed 140 participants in different categories: eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

In just a few months, Swish Brow was starring on many international stages and now is increasingly in demand for its versatility and flexibility of execution.

As a highly qualified trainer, Silvia Tranà tours Europe to deliver training and practical sessions on Swish Brow.
There are only a few simple rules to learn before unleashing your creativity and passion!

Silvia Tranà

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