The new cleanser for permanent make up: Top Tip

The brand new PMU cleanser Top Tip is the result of the constant and innovative research of the Clinita staff to create professional solutions for skin care. It is a product designed for dermopigmentists to be used during tattooing or permanent make-up to clean the skin and in the post-treatment phase to prevent and reduce possible inflammation. Permanent make-up is a stressful time for the skin. Using non-specific and potentially aggressive detergents on the treated area could slow down the healing process, exacerbate skin irritations and therefore interfere with the result. Hence the need to use a special product for this treatment.

How to cleanse and prevent inflammation of the skin

After performing a tattoo or permanent make-up, any type of skin can experience inflammation that should not be exacerbated by wrong procedures. Redness and slight swelling may appear in the tattooed area. Reducing this annoyance is possible if the professional of dermopigmentation takes the appropriate precautions. The professional trained on the different types of needles will take care to choose the needle suitable for the chosen technique and the client’s skin type, thus reducing skin stress and limiting the inflammatory process. Adequate aftercare with Ozon-E by Clinita Care produces a soothing and regenerating effect. The exclusive formulation of the product, based on Melaleuca, Shea Butter, Ozonated Olive Oil, Aloe and Rosa Mosqueta, acts as a dermoprotective balm.
It is also very important to take care of the cleansing phase while pigmentation is carried out and in the post-treatment phase. The use of vegetable glycerin, sterile water, and ice placed in a sterile bag is helpful for relief. Clinita has developed a specific product for skin cleansing in permanent make-up: Top Tip.

Top Tip: the PMU cleanser

Tip Top is a cleanser specifically designed by Clinita to promote the healing process of the skin after cosmetic dermopigmentation treatment. It is a product intended for use by professionals and has a triple effect: it cleanses, soothes irritations and facilitates the healing and regeneration of the epidermis. It contains avocado extract known for its emollient, nourishing, dermo-restoring and film-forming properties. By limiting the evaporation of water from the surface of the skin, it increases hydration naturally. In this way the colour residues are gently removed while maintaining a good balance of the skin. There are also other precious ingredients of plant origin and the well-known hyaluronic acid.

How to use Top Tip PMU Cleanser

The cleanser should be used during the permanent make-up procedure and at the end to gently cleanse and to help the natural repair process. It is recommended to apply the product using sterile gauze or sterile patches. The packaging ensures the integrity of the product from the first to the last use.

Discover the Top Tip cleanser.

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