Make your hand fly with I-Fly: the new Clinita wireless dermograph for dermopigmentation professionals

Clinita presents the new I-Fly wireless dermograph: a high quality professional tool for permanent make up. Extremely handy and balanced, it conveys a unique feeling of lightness and precision, as if your hands were flying over the skin.
Synonymous with precision and reliability, I-Fly manages to reconcile the convenience of the absence of wires with the ergonomics of an extremely light and handy pen.
The tips made to measure for each needle size give this instrument a soft and precise stroke, with an almost non-existent perception of vibrations, guaranteeing a controlled and targeted release of the color into the leather.

I-Fly is a dermograph conceived, designed and built to respond excellently to all the needs of dermopigmentists who want to obtain increasingly effective performance. It allows you to have perfect control in any style of permanent make up: the cartridge tank has been designed to hold a greater quantity of colour, releasing it gradually and constantly, while the extra length of the tip avoids excess deposits on the skin.

A dermograph with infinite capabilities and maximum comfort, which allows you to customize the parameters and have everything under control. Digital display with indication of charge and adjustable voltage from 4 to 10 Volts during the work session. Precise and versatile, it allows an even cleaner and deeper deposit of pigment thanks to the design of the tip which makes the needle extremely elastic, ductile and precise.

The 3.00 mm needle stroke is ideal for the execution of any type of line and to make every shade soft and impalpable. The design and technology of this innovative tool make it particularly suitable for permanent make up, trichological dermopigmentation and collagen bioinduction treatments.
In fact, thanks to its lightness, compact and ergonomic design, it is possible to perform any type of operation with total freedom of movement on the eyelids, mouth and eyebrows, using the most appropriate set of needles each time, with excellent results.

The new I-Fly dermograph for dermopigmentists is made of aeronautical aluminium: extremely light, oxidation-free, easy to clean and sterilize.


Equipped with a special membrane at the entrance of the transmission shaft which completely isolates the pen from any possible contamination that may come from the needle or cartridge.

Finger Grip

The handle is soft and ergonomic, in medical silicone, designed for a comfortable grip. Furthermore, the perfect balance completely avoids hand fatigue even after many hours of work.


Mechanism for the infinitesimal adjustment of the needle exit.

Custom Fit Casing

Maximum stability and precision of the needle thanks to the sliding tip made to measure for each needle size, guaranteeing the absence of vibrations.

Clear view

The extremely long tip promotes a clear and precise view of the work in progress.

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