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certified training dermopigmentation

Turn your passion and your talent into the profession of Dermopigmentist. The CLINITA training courses and their EQF certified teachers will ensure you a successful career in the world of permanent makeup.

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Clinita aims to offer the best training opportunities to the professional, in order to meet the various
demands in a highly qualified way. A clear and thorough answer, rigorous and serious, but proposed in
a simple and exhaustive way in a maze of self-regarding offers with the promise of easy money at the
expense of professionalism. Clinita courses offer a complete and innovative preparation for a request of
professionalism increasingly sophisticated. Methodologies approved by national health authorities, training projects with nationally credited (CNA and Ecipa) and non-profit organizations (LILT Italian Association against cancer, section of Treviso), techniques object of numerous scientific publications worldwide and of the Italian Superior Institute of Health.

Teachers burn to teach

Our teachers are equipped with EQF (European Qualifications Framework) certificates for training, and the certificate issued has legal value and is recognised as course credit in Europe. Each certificate is authenticated by a hologram with a serial number for registration.

Guaranteed result

Our promise; make sure that, with the same passion that led us to create the project Clinita, we will transfer to you our techniques and knowledges, so that you will become a safe, effective and prepared professional.


The worldwide network of professionals and masters of tattooing already using the Clinita method and products is a source of continuous exchanging and sharing of experiences and techniques. This allows our company to constantly update the forms of education and training so to provide always the latest proposal in the market.

No Global

It is not our interest to propose a standardized training, but instead to recognize the needs and career paths of each, because training is a continuous evolution and we are convinced to be the best possible partner on the road to this wonderful profession that is dermopigmentation.

The best educational kits

educational kit training clinita
  • Course book-handout
  • Laminated colour folder in poster format
  • Detailed guide to the use of pigments
  • Notebooks and pens for the notes
  • Exercise handout
  • Tools for work design (make-up pencils, felt-tip pens, rulers etc.)
  • Drawing tools
  • Needles and colours galore
  • Disposable accessories for conducting exercises (gloves, gowns, masks, ink-holder caps, sterile field of work etc.)
  • Educationals material for exercises: colours, watercolours, synthetic skins (pleather), etc.
  • Clinita dermograph on free-of-charge loan for use.
clinita certified training permanent makeup


Stop improvising; training is something that has to be taken seriously, since the future of the profession is represented by those who devote time and invest resources to become comprehensive professionals with impeccable technical skills.

dermopigmentation permanent makeup clinita

Strict metods and lots of practice

Appropriating the techniques and maneuvers professionally, managing the total sterility of the working field for your own and your customer safety, knowing colors scientifically, being able to project by mastering the knowledge of the face and morphology concepts are some of the topics that should be treated with rigor in theory but also to put immediately into practice with lots of exercises.

rita molinaro certified training

Never alone

Join the Clinita group means you can always count on a suggestion and advice. Becoming part of a network of exchange and sharing with top industry professionals, operated on exclusive "social" groups and platforms; enjoy a tutoring service where constant support and advice are offered with openness and passion.

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